• Floor Coatings That Last

    Urban Fresh can give your floor the long life treatment

Cairns Floor Coatings by Urban Fresh

Urban Fresh can make old concrete floor surfaces look new, with our different flooring solutions.

Epoxy floor coatings are a great addition to your garage, workshop, factory, warehouse cafe or restaurant floor, creating a hardwearing easy to clean surface that can extend the life of your concrete and add value to your property.

Seamless epoxy flooring is great for a hygienic cleanable surface, great for restaurants, food and beverage, food industry, commercial and industrial applications.

We provide floor coating services for the following regions:

  • Cairns
  • Innisfail
  • Port Douglas
  • and all surrounding areas.

Durable, Resistant Coatings

Your floor gets hit pretty hard every day, especially in a commercial environment. Thats why our high quality coatings provide water resistance, as well as resistance to cleaners, petroleum fluids, bleach oil and the list goes on…

Floor Coatings That Last

Urban Fresh delivered the right floor coating for any application

  • Highly Durable

    Get the floor coating that will last the long haul

  • Water Resistant

    Water resistant floor coatings protect and extend the life of your flooring

  • Creative

    Floors don’t have to be boring.

  • High Traffic

    The right floor coating is essential for any high traffic area

  • Food Grade

    A food grade floor coating system will help you meet regulations

  • Glossy

    Get that high gloss finish on your floor

  • Maintenance

    A well coated floor provides exceptionally easy maintenance

  • Cleaning

    Cleaning is a breeze with the right flooring

  • Resistance

    Get resistance to harsh chemicals like cleaners, bleach, oil and more